The FIne Romance of the Three Smiles

A pomegranate that no one admired
I can only sigh and pity myself

Nightingale’s speech in the scented garden
Sitting down and scrutinizing him

Seeing he is so refined
It seems such a perfect match

An unmissable match made in heaven.
Don’t you recognize me, sister?

Three smiles at Hiqiu locked me in love
Three locks of love shackling my soul.

Mistake me not for a wanton man,
my love for you are sincere

I ponder as I grind the ink,
How many would pursue me like that?

His poetry and painting are splendid
A scholar like him is good

The young masters ordered me to get ginseng
We’ll seal our love in the Peony Pavilion

Autumn Fragrance, don’t go!
He dares to entice my pageboy.

Skowly pacing her lotus steps
Heart beating wildly

In shyness and glad beauty,
She takes the seal with joy and fear

The fine romance of the three smiles
Will be passed on for all posterity


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