K.Silem Mohammad & Kenneth Goldsmith: "Relevance"

Kasey and Kenny discuss poetic relevance at El Quijote bar in Manhattan on December 6, 2008.


4 thoughts on “K.Silem Mohammad & Kenneth Goldsmith: "Relevance"

  1. Flan El Falaney. Now that is relevance.This made me feel…really…like I was on the ad for remote listening devices and the old gal is singing a hymm in church or hitting a button and recording the location of her car in a Walmart parking lot…usually she has a great big smile while performing these activities of listening.I’d love to take these two fellows into the courtyard and have them sit for tea with the old man and the rest of my team there.We’d have a great time talking about the old days when Haj Ibrahim used to cut down the telephone poles to use them for fuel. I guess what I’m saying is….you’d have to be there.Ya see?

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