Have you missed me? Some MoMA pics and event announcements!

Have you missed my blog posts? I’ve been busy.
Last Saturday I read at MoMA in an orange dress. The first photo is by Toni Simon, who so deftly captured the moment! I did spend a bit of time reading from the floor, yes. MoMAwas a difficult reading environment, with miserable acoustics and shifting audiences, and afterwards I was quite spent, and could only sit on my bed eating blueberries.

Here I stand in front of Donald Judd’s UNTITLED(STACK) 1967…The Museum of Modern Art staged a poetry event entitled Transform The World! Poetry Must Be Made By All! as part of Kenneth Goldsmith’s Poet Laureate program. 4th Floor Painting and Sculpture II. Photo:copyright Lawrence Schwartzwald(No reproduction without express permission) (I obtained express permission) (by the way I don’t think I usually stand like that; Lawrence told me to cross my arms).

BUT IN CASE YOU MISSED THE MoMA festivities, don’t despair! Next week there are two more events at which I shall make appearances.

The first is Monday April 29 at 6:30:

Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology Reading

Wollman Hall (at the New School)65 W 11th St(between Fifth and Sixth Aves)

Featuring readings by contributors to the anthology “Postmodern American Poetry,” 2nd edition (W. W. Norton, 2013), edited by Paul Hoover, including Charles Bernstein, Katie Degentesh, Elaine Equi, Drew Gardner, Peter Gizzi, Nada Gordon, Lisa Jarnot, Caroline Knox, Noelle Kocot, Tan Lin, Steve McCaffery, Eileen Myles, Sharon Mesmer, Bob Perelman, Joan Retallack, Cole Swensen, Edwin Torres, Marjorie Welish, Susan Wheeler and John Yau.

I’m cutting and pasting, and too lazy to mess with the HTML. Can you tell?
(I can’t resist an internal rhyme, either.)

AND THEN:  A BOOK PARTY for my own Vile Lilt and Michael Gottlieb’s Dear All!

(c & p’d from fb)

  • Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St

  • Come celebrate the publication of Gordon’s _VILE LILT_ and Gottlieb’s _Dear All_ with special guest Drew Gardner
    Please come!!!


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